Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inspiration: Mondo Guerra Fall 2011 Collection

Do you watch Project Runway? I'm addicted to that show!
If you do watch it, then you'll probably already know Mondo Guerra. He was one of Season 8 finalists and he lost after a very controversial decision of the judges. I really like Gretchen Jones' creations as well, but I would have liked to see him win better.
He's incredibly talented and creative, I adore his style. His 2011 Fall Collection is quite similar to his final catwalk show on Project Runway, and I love them both. The way he mixes prints, the splashes of colour on a black and white foundation, the high waisted pants...
I really hope this is the start of a very successful career.



  1. Ciao cara! Ogni tanto lo guardo anch'io Project Runaway, purtoppo di rado, ma sono d'accordo: è proprio un bel programma!
    Per quanto riguarda le collane macarons che hai commentato sul mio blog, scrivimi qui: e ti do le info necessarie :)
    non sono riuscita a trovare il tuo indirizzo mail, se no ti avrei scritto direttamente ;)
    un abbraccio e buona giornata!

  2. Mondo should have won PR!!!! Do you know that right now the new season of Project Runway is prepared? I think it will be on TV in summer. Can't wait :).

  3. @longredthread I know and I'm looking forward! I miss it so much!

  4. wow....loved this black and white prints. I watched the show a few times. Too bed don't have time to watch it regularly, but I love fashion!!! especially black and white!!!

  5. Seems a little late, but i love Mondo, and I also wanted he to win! Gretchen is good, but I think it's not spectacular enough for runway, Mondo and Michael were the best on season 8 and all stars 1. Do u know if there's any web u can purchase mondo's designs online? I've checked his webpage but there's only a few t-shirts on the store