Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The unforgotten

Did it ever happen to you to make something and then (almost) completely forget about it?
That's what happened to me with this Rooibos dress that I finished shortly before Christmas and that has been hiding in my closet for almost three months!

Since I made it in wool, it won't get much wear anymore, since it seems like Spring is finally on its way. But of course, while taking photos, it started raining. I mean, WTF? Why do I seem to have problems every time I take my tripod outside my house?

Anyway, this is yet another love token to Colette Patterns. Another dress with many cute details: contrasting piping, the tiny collar, the shape of the pockets. I added two little buttons inspired by Gertie.
I just wish I had made it in a smaller size (why did the muslin seem to fit right?), but maybe I'll make a summery version of it and I'll be able to make up for this mistake. I'm also considering shortening it a few cm... Please let me know what you think!


  1. ma che bello! secondo me hai fatto bene a farlo un po' più grande: d'inverno puoi metterci sotto una camicetta o un maglioncino aderente! Aspetto di vedere realizzata una versione estiva allora :)))
    buona giornata!
    p.s. se ti può consolare, quando devo fare le foto alle mie creazioni il cielo si oscura e la luce se ne va... penso sia abbastanza matematico! ;D

  2. @Merylu
    Uuh ottimo suggerimento, non so perchè ma non porto mai i vestiti come scamiciati, ma è un ottima idea.
    p.s. mi consola sapere che è un complotto a livello nazionale. chissà che caspita abbiamo fatto di male! :)

  3. I know this situation very well, Anna! Actually, I have several pieces hanging in my wardrobe, but I just do not think of wearing them! :) I love your classy Rooibos version and you should definitely wear it more often as long as it stays a little cooler. ;) If you ask me, I think your summery version can be a little shorter. You could definitely wear that!

    P.S.: I am about to finish my little gifts and hope to send them next week! :D

  4. beautiful!

    i made mine in the size according to the packaging, and the muslin seemed to fit (i moved the darts toward midline slightly), but alas...when made up, too big! i could easily have gone down a whole size in the midriff and maybe two in the skirt oh well. next time! :)


  5. It is very cute! I think leave it that length, but make your summer-y version shorter - a couple of inches above the knee.

  6. You are so nice in this dress!

  7. Thanks everyone for the sweets comments!
    I'm starting to wrap my head around some fabric ideas for a summery version :)

  8. A lovely dress and a very nice blog!

  9. Whoa you version gives the dress a totally different look. I have never really considered this pattern but now I will give it another thought.